About Natalie’s Journey to the Land of the Faeires

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Natalia and her cat, Mitsya, live in a lovely, little yellow cottage on the edge of an untraveled forest.

Fairies live there. Or so Natalia’s been told.

One day, while playing with Mitsya in their beautiful garden, Natalia hears the magical melodies of a red bird. Enchanted, she follows the red bird to a golden gate. She meets the guard of the gate, a skeptical, little elf. Behind the gate lies Natalia’s inspiring journey of adventure and friendship.

Award winning author and illustrator Dzvinka Hayda writes and illustrates a delightful tale of a brave, young girl’s venture into
a new world.

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Hardcover pp 32
12″ X 8 1/2″
14 full color illustrations
ISBN #0-9779444-0-9

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Sample Illustrations from the book

“This is truly a magical story told with illustrations that open the eyes and the heart.

Linda Williams, Ph.D., Literary Professor and Class Teacher, Detroit Waldorf School


“Ms. Hayda’s story and use of color is therapeutic. This book is a must for all of us who remember fairyland.

Candyce Sweda, M.A., Curative Educator


As usual Dzvinka Hayda has made a book filled with the innocent childhood beauty and fantasy we all can relate to. Her flowered meadows and fairies are enchanting.

Sally M (Amazon review)

Wonderful art.

Heather M (Amazon review)

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Now available at Amazon.com.