Finding Anne with an E at Green Gables

My long time dream of visiting Prince Edward Island has just come true. After a long winding trip from Windsor, to Ottawa, to Quebec, Halifax, Mirimichi, Peggy’s Cove, Cabot’s Trail, Fredricton and finally PEI, I was at the legendary Green Gables house. It was not only me, but hundreds of tourists who also came to see and experience the house.

The gardens were lovely, filled with beautiful flowers basking in the sun with Anne in her apron standing amidst them. I invited her to come to Michigan and visit, but she felt that she was quite happy and comfortable in her home. We chatted for a while and I went in to see a home where time stood still.

Up the stairs, I went were Marilla’s and Mathew’s rooms are as well as a lovely girl’s room for Anne with an e. I could have moved in and stayed forever but too soon it was time to leave.

I can see where this place and space would inspire an author to write, an artist to paint, and a gardener to plant. A little bit of heaven on earth. I am so grateful that I was there.

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